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                            A NATURAL HEALTH REVOLUTION


     "In youth I have known one with whom the Earth In secret communing held-" 

                                                                                             Edgar Allan Poe

Just before the Covid-19 Tyranny gripped the whole world it was announced by BBC Radio, and other sources of health information, that "The Age of Modern Medicine is drawing to a close" because of the demise in the effectiveness of our God given supply of natural antibiotics. Medicine would begin to implode upon itself if this failure continued. Even surgical operations would all begin to go wrong because of postoperative infections.  These problems are still unsolved. Is it any surprise if the death rates go up? Big Pharma with their Big Profits would have looked like a Big Failure, and people would have turned to natural cures, which are already very popular. There would have been A Natural Health Revolution in all likelihood, as people recognised it was the power of nature holding the whole framework of modern medicine in place. If I outlined a list of illnesses and procedures antibiotics are necessary for it would be as long as a bandage.

Then along came Covid-19. How the new coronavirus was created, in a Chinese market place, accidentally released from a Chinese research lab or deliberately released upon the West to weaken it for a war, or one of the many other theories, is not the subject of this page. Big Pharma saw a way to turn themselves into a big success instead of a big failure. They would "save us all" from a bug not much worse, if at all, from many flu bugs of the past. They treated it as if it was as deadly as Spanish Flu when it was not. But the leader of WHO is not even a qualified medic. The plans to deal with Covid-19 turned into a tyranny with the help of Bill Gates, and what actually happened was it was all so mismanaged the knock-on effects of the anti Covid-19 strategy became far more deadly than the bug itself.

At the centre of all this was a moral and conscientious dilemma - How much should be done to protect elderly people who were already sick and weak, and who in all likelihood only had a few years left to live in any event? This problem was redoubled by the fact that dying of pneumonia is a frightening and painful way to die, and Covid-19 would cause this. In the past Pneumonia was fought with antibiotics, but it could not be counted on any more because of the demise of the effectiveness of antibiotics. The solution was "found" by driving the public first into a state of completely unnecessary hysteria.


The way to control Covid-19 became more and more and more draconian. It became a medical tyranny where even our basic human rights and freedoms were torn apart. The Western economy was shattered, shattering also our ability to help the Third World. Small businesses began to close, global tourism collapsed collapsed, people were sacked, fined, kidnapped and put into forced quarantine. Free speech died., Big Pharma our "saviours" became Big Brother. Videos were totally removed from YouTube that attempted to show the knock on effects of lockdowns, and the direct effects, were a total catastrophe, and posts and profiles were removed from FaceBook. It was like book burning in World War 2.

As a former RGN nursing student I know only too well painting with broad brushstrokes about Covid-19 causing pneumonia is over simplified, as the fluid in the lungs and constriction of the lungs is not necessarily caused by secondary bacterial infection, or a dual effect. But do you believe the imminent collapse pf modern medicine prediction played no part in the recent pandemic? And has no part in the post-covid death rates now?

I was and still am in the "severally at risk group" and I am not asking anyone to ruin their tourism industry or local business just to protect me. Shattering the happiness of the world and justifying it by emotionalism is no solution.


Herbal and natural remedies, probably the biggest rival of Big Pharma, just happened to be completely banned in the Covid-19 Hysteria Era. Choice died too. If I ever feel the symptom of nausea I take activated charcoal capsules, and every single time they have worked for me. I do not need the "medicine police" knocking on my door in their white coats, saying "No no! Not the best solution! Here is the pill with 15 chemicals in it recommended by Big Pharma." If I want to take natural remedies for certain things it is my right and my choice.


Lots of things kill people. Wrong choices about what to eat kills people. Cigarettes kill people. Over consumption of alcohol kills people. Prohibition never worked. Just when people are struggling to eat enough calories to feel full, the UK Government is discussing banning bargains like "Two for the price of one" on fast foods, junk foods, fizzy drinks etc. In India where people were starving, Western junk food is being sold cheaply, so at least the poor eat, but.... it leads to health problems. I do not know about you but I would rather have the option of trying to plan how to eat including cheap fast foods like pizzas, battered chicken and French fries than have an empty stomach. The Nanny state is pretty scary. 


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