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About this website.

student RGN Ken McDonald

Why I started a website about Covid-19.

The main reason I have started this website exclusively about aspects of Covid-19, and especially the knock-on effects of the draconian over reaction to it, that killed myriads of people, took away all our freedoms and destroyed the world economy, is the looming "UK Covid-19 Enquiry". 

It is my belief the results of this enquiry, and any others like it elsewhere, may be used to establish a new agenda to once again bring about a medical tyranny across the whole world, and for this reason evidence will be withheld from the committee deciding the conclusions. Frankly some of the people involved in the Enquiry may be infiltrators or stooges trying to steer the Enquiry toward conclusions that will once again unnecessarily shatter our lives by what amounts to house arrest, destroy our freedom of speech, freedom of movement, and the right to protest, and that such a tyranny might even conceivably have a medical dictator in charge of such a regime, a regime similar to what we have already seen. 


When I was an Registered General Nursing student early in 1991.


Be the Good Lord willing I will make pages about all sorts of Covid-19 scientific, sociological and economic issues, even religious issues like the use of HEK-293 in the production of vaccines, and I also plan to choose about 100 people who took one side or another over the subjects of controlling the spread of Covid-19 and the treatment of Covid-19. 


Generally pages and people pages are the most completed that are near the top of the dropdown menu in the header of the website. The pages further down may not yet be started. (personalities across the whole globe form the big picture and both sides of the tyranny gap need to be written about)

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