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Russell Brand
Russell Brand

YouTube video

Russell Brand tells Tucker about the harmful effects of COVID lockdowns .


Russell Brand .

bottomline motto "Stay Free!"  (wow! so relevant! then and now!) .

Russell Brand was a TV personality who made a very big contribution toward fighting the Covid-19 Tyranny, and seemed to appear out of nowhere like a bright unexpected comet in the sky. Handsome, intelligent, quick witted, funny, but above all a believer in freedom, he brought to light a lot of facts to defend our liberties, and uncover scientific truth. He is also very charismatic and was able to generate a lot of Youtube video hits, thus educating a lot of people, but his videos were so many, often one a day, I cannot tell how many things I agree or disagree with him on.

Thing with Russell though he is a bit of a swashbuckler  -fighting one thing or another hither and thither everywhere, and as he swears it is hard as a Christian for me to use a lot of his videos here. Some of his fan base is in India, as he is interested in meditation.

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