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David Icke Coronavirus Conspiracy Theory | The Danger of Covid 19 Misinformation .



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David Icke.


I am no fan of David Icke as I think his past (present?) claim to be The Son of God is blasphemous and preposterous. I have no doubt that he said it, because as a TV journalist he was sent to research cults,and sects and in his research found out the world is apparently brim full of gullible, or willingly ignorant, individuals who will as good as worship anyone making claims to deity, and commit their lives and finances to such pretenders. David Icke was so convinced by the evidence he decided to cynically jump on the gravy train and say he was The Son of God. Not "a son of God" by spiritual rebirth, as all Evangelical Christians believe (one of the quote "new and better promises" of the new covenant Jesus brought,) but The Son of God. Terry Wogan an amiable Irish TV presenter ridiculed Icke for his claims in an interview, and the audience laughed at David Icke.

Another thing about David Icke is that I feel he put together his theory of "shape shifting lizards" because he got the idea from popular TV series like "V" and wanted to add to the formula the Royal Family because they generate a lot of interest, and Icke constructed the entire thing as a formulaic money spinner. But just as the jaded plastic/rubber corpse of the Roswell Alien Autopsy now looks like a transparently obvious fake, as the art of cinema model making has progressed, so David Icke's theory of shape shifting lizards now looks even more preposterous than it did when his first launched it onto humanity.

David Icke and Alex Jones are both known for the dodgy art of prevarication, evasively and subtly changing the goalposts, and creating fog and emerging from it differently than they went in, instead of just admitting a gaff or their own inaccuracy. 

Was Icke really banned for linking Covid-19 to 5G?

Articles online say things about David Icke like: quote: "British conspiracist David Icke has been banned from entering dozens of European countries for two years because he "poses a threat to public order" sometimes do not give the exact reasons. As far as I know the reasons are that 5G masts were being damaged, partly because Icke was linking  Covid-19 to 5G, and claiming 5G damages people's health. As these 5G boxes once installed can be right near your home, unlike 3G and 4G, and that 5G goes up to 60G, it was and is of great public concern. Ironically a lot of people say 4G outperforms 5G on phones. But was icke banned for a combo of causes, and that is why the list of reasons are often missing from websites covering his ban?


David Icke has made a large number of excellent contributions to the study of Covid-19, and has spoilt all of it by essentially choosing the wrong bottom line of his campaign, one could even say a dumb bottomline: that is "Covid-19 does not exist" whereas Russell Brand chose his bottomline conscientiously, circumspectly and intelligently, namely "Stay free!". Excellent.

I have never denied the existence of Covid-19, but I would say to most people it has not been proven to exist (some of the symptoms could be put down to the decline in effectiveness of antibiotics dealing with secondary bacterial infection) but I would say that without justification the draconian overreaction plan to deal with Covid-19 treated it as if it was the far more dangerous Spanish flu, or even Bubonic Plague, and that the knock on effects of the anti Covid agenda were needlessly and utterly catastrophic.

This is how David Icke ruined himself.....

David Icke is a skilled journalist, he is very intelligent and glib, and has a lot of social kudos, and he found an article called "Manufactured Pandemic: Testing People for Any Strain of a Coronavirus, Not Specifically for COVID-19". The author was unknown, and as far as I am aware still is.


One extraordinary claim of the article was that the RT PCR Test used to detect Covid-19 was so flawed, that Covid-19 would not even have to exist to give the impression of a Pandemic, partly because the "snippet" being detected could be in multiple other cells of the body or detected in other viruses. David Icke spoke about this a lot, and I actually listened to him in his video broadcasts creeping nearer and nearer to the self destructive statement "Covid-19 does not exist", giving a new extremist twist the to the already existing word scamdemic. 

So many people thought David Icke was right, that is that Covid-19 was simply a reemerging variant of an old flu bug, or new flu bug, and not a new similar bug called Covid-19, that his videos started to go viral. Statistical research done about why anti-vaxxer Facebook pages were more popular than pro-vaxxer ones concluded that if only a few people like David Icke were simply deleted or eliminated from the scene, the propagators of pro-vaccination began to win over the undecided grey area public. So David Icke was undemocratically and unfairly simply axed from FaceBook and Youtube.


Part of the process by which David Icke was axed, was a "fact check" performed by 

Flora Teoh - who supposedly refuted the "Manufactured Pandemic" Paper.

I was entirely unconvinced by Flora Teoh's "fact check" or response, but you can read it for yourself here:

link to the "fact check" of Flora Teoh.


You must remember that at that time on FaceBook comments or articles might be entirely blocked or deleted, not giving people the option of proceeding to read it as we are sometimes given now. 

incidentally..... on publishing a link here to this Flora Teoh article, I had an immediate visit within a minute to this website from China. This might be interesting to conspiracy theorists who think Covid-19 was released from China to weaken the western economy and then launch a war against the west.

Did David Icke self destruct his own work?

David Icke might argue his case against self destruction in the following way.....

"By saying 'Covid-19 does not exist' I simply hoped to provoke the response 'Covid-19 does exist, that is a scientific fact.' I would then counter this by listing the following:

1) Science follows the scientific process. This was not followed identifying Covid-19.

2) Stop patronising the general public.

3) If Covid-19 exists tell us how you first isolate the pathogen.

4) Having proved you isolated it, show us how from there you mapped it.

5) Having proven you first isolated, then mapped it, and having followed the "scientific process" I will then accept it exists.

6) However - My statement "Covid-19 does not exist" was purely from the standpoint that until you prove these things to us, the general public, we must treat it as not existing, as scientifically you have not proven it to us.

Perhaps Icke really never thought the response would be - not to refute him with science, but to delete him altogether from public platforms instead.


I actually confronted at least one scientist who was unable to answer the questions about the isolation and mapping of Covid-19 that Icke and his compatriot Dr. Andrew Kaufman were asking. In fact if I remember rightly, when Dr. Hilary Jones was confronted by Piers Corbyn with these questions on live national TV interview, Dr, Hilary Jones floundered, never answered either, evaded the issues, and just like Icke was banned by FaceBook and YouTube, instead of answering James Corbyn, Dr, Jones started demanding that Piers Corbyn should be banned from appearing on TV. Maybe Dr Hilary Jones should instead be sacked, for not being able to answer fundamental science questions, which, if not dealt with, mean the scientific process has not been followed. We the public have the right to concise, clear proof of science, if trillions of public money are being spent on medical issues.

Living in denial??

One of the things that sticks in my mind about David Icke's "Covid-19 does not exist" is that at first scientists could not show us what the virus physically looked like. When they did produce what they said was an electron microscope picture of the virus, David Icke and his compatriots flatly denied it, saying was an "exosome".

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