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UK Activists about  Covid-19 issues .

Past UK Anti Vaccine Activists .

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note: being against forced vaccination is another matter than against vaccination, and against vaccination might be against the safety precautions in place at the time. One should not be quick to judge. Medicine was not as advanced then and people were sometimes even buried alive in the 1900's and 1800's.

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Bertrand P. Allinson died 1975. vice-president of the National Anti-Vaccination League.  

Thomas Allinson  died 1918.  a lifelong opponent of compulsory vaccination against smallpox.


Maurice Beddow Bayly  died 1961, member of the National Anti-Vaccination League

J. T. Biggs  Died 1929. .author of book Sanitation Versus Vaccination 

John Birch (surgeon)  died 1815.  was an English surgeonanti-vaccination activist and medical writer. 

James Burns (Spiritualist)  died 1894, an anti-vaccinationist.




Job Caudwell  died 1908.  Anti-Compulsory Vaccination League.

Vernon Coleman  born 1946.√  according to wiki: Coleman has claimed that COVID-19 is a hoax, that vaccines are dangerous, and that face masks cause cancer.

William Collins (English surgeon) died 1946, Collins was an anti-vaccinationist and spoke at meetings for the London Society for the Abolition of Compulsory Vaccination.[2]

Jessie Craigen  she died 1899, Pro Temperance but anti compulsory vaccination, and the Contagious Diseases Acts.[1]

Charles Creighton (physician)  died 1927. anti vaccination, and  disputing the germ theory of infectious diseases.



John Davie (activist)  died 1891, He was opposed to alcohol, tobacco, vaccination and vivisection. Presbyterian elder.






Geraldine Grove died 1926. She was in favour of women's suffrage and objected to both vivisection and vaccination.



Walter Hadwen  Died 1932.   In 1924, having applied his rejection of the germ theory of disease, and his refusal to use diphtheria anti-serum produced by inoculation of animals to the treatment of Nellie Burnham, a young girl, she died and he was tried for manslaughter by criminal medical negligence.[6] He was acquitted of all charges.[7][8]  a member of the London Association for the Prevention of Premature Burial (founded in 1896).

J. Stenson Hooker  died 1946.  Hooker was an anti-vaccinationist .He was struck off for misconduct .

Mary Hume-Rothery  died 1985. In 1874 Mary and William founded the National Anti Compulsory Vaccination League (NACVL). 

Ethel. Douglas Hume  died 1950.  Hume was an anti-vaccinationist and germ theory denialist. In 1933, Hume commented that cholera, dysentery and enteric are evidence of bad sanitation and bad water supply and do not prove the germ theory of disease.[9] She is best known for authoring a controversial book in 1923 which accused Louis Pasteur of plagiarizing Antoine Béchamp's theories.


Arthur Wollaston Hutton died 1912, Hutton was an anti-vaccinationist and advocated the repeal of compulsory laws relating to it.[2][3] 




K​  Henry Valentine Knaggs died 1954. was an English physiciananti-vaccinationistnaturopath and alternative health writer. [1][2]


Montague Leverson  died 1925.  a homeopathic physician, anti-vaccinationist and germ theory denialist.

Joseph Hiam Levy  died 1913.  Levy was an anti-vaccinationist as he believed it violated personal rights. He described compulsory vaccination as a "gross and cruel invasion of personal liberty".[1] Levy's anti-vaccination book, The Bird that Laid the Vaccination Egg, published in 1892 was heavily criticized in medical journals as non-scientific.[2][3]

Lily Loat  died 1958.  was a British anti-vaccination activist. She was the Secretary of the National Anti-Vaccination League for nearly 50 years.

Arnold Lupton   died 1930. British Liberal Party Member of Parliament, academic, anti-vaccinationist, mining engineer and a managing director (collieries). He was jailed for pacifist activity during the First World War.



Benjamin Moseley  died 1819. was a British physician and early opponent of vaccination.


Francis William Newman   died 1897, Newman was an anti-vaccinationist and supported the Anti-Compulsory Vaccination League. He carried over arguments, against following the advice of a "medical clique", that he had used against the Contagious Diseases Acts.[57] In 1869, an article in The Lancet journal criticized Newman for holding this opinion and tried to convince him to withdraw his support for the League.[58]

One of Newman's opponents in the vaccination controversy was Henry Alleyne Nicholson (Harry), whom he had tutored, and the son of his good friend John Nicholson. He declined to answer Henry's pamphlet.[59]




Charles Thomas Pearce  M.D., M.R.C.S., F.R.S.,  died 1883  . was an English physician and early opponent of mandatory vaccination.

Arthur Phelps   died 1920.  was a British civil engineerhomeopath and anti-vaccinationist.

William Price (physician)  died 1893. was a Welsh medical doctor and socio-political activist Known for adhering to such principles as equal democratic rights for all men, anti-vaccinationismanti-vivisectionismvegetarianism, cremation, and the abolition of marriage, some of which were highly controversial at the time, he has been widely known as an "eccentric" and a "radical".[4]







Herbert Snow  died 1930.  Snow was a germ theory denialistanti-vaccinationist and opponent of circumcision and vivisection.[2]


Bell Taylor   died 1909.  was an English ophthalmic surgeon, known also as a campaigner against the Contagious Diseases Act and vivisection.and compulsory vaccination.

Peter Alfred Taylor  died 1819.  Taylor was an anti-vaccinationist.[3] He commented that vaccination was a "delusion-a baseless superstition; that it afforded no protection from smallpox".[4] He was President of the London Society for the Abolition of Compulsory Vaccination.[4]

William Tebb  died 1917.  was a British businessman and wide-ranging social reformer. He was an anti-vaccinationist and author of anti-vaccination books.[1][2] He was concerned about premature burial.




T. G. Vawdrey  died 1940. was an English physician, surgeon and anti-vivisection activist.  anti-vaccinationist and a vice-president of the National Anti-Vaccination League.




Alfred Russel Wallace  died 1913,  was an English[1] naturalist, explorer, geographeranthropologistbiologist and illustrator.[2]. n 1898, Wallace wrote a pamphlet, Vaccination a Delusion; Its Penal Enforcement a Crime, 

Chandos Leigh Hunt Wallace  died 1927.. (born Emily Honoria Leigh Hunt;[1] 1854 – 16 March 1927) was an English healer and writer on health, spiritualism and food reform. She was an entrepreneur and activist for vegetarianism, as well as an advocate for temperance and anti-vaccination.

W. Gibson Ward   died 1882.   was an English vegetarianism activist and anti-vaccination campaigner.


James John Garth Wilkinson   died 1899.  was an English homeopathic physician, social reformer, translator and editor of Swedenborg's works, and a writer on Swedenborgian topics. Wilkinson was an anti-vaccinationist.  a social and medical reformer, a convinced opponent of vaccination and vivisection. Wilkinson was a vegetarian.[3] He contributed to The Vaccination Inquirer and completed a series of Vaccination Tracts in 1879.[4]

H. Fergie Woods  died 1961.  was an English physicianhomeopath and anti-vivisection activist.




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