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Owen Shroyer ,

Owen Shroyer .

Owen Shroyer, along with infowars owner Alex Jones, has made a lot of videos and published a lot of posts about Covid-19 tyranny issues, and despite his debacles with the law over political issues, that situation does not change. So at the moment because of his extensive, often excellent work to expose the overreaction to Covid-19 as draconian, he remains on my Top 100 memorable people to discuss about vaccines, and the Covid agenda.


If slip-ups in our lives mean no one should listen to us any more, you could discount king David, king Solomon, Samson, Saint Paul, Saint Peter, and many more, and some people like Joseph, son of Jacob, Meshach, Shadrach and Abednego were accused men guilty of nothing. I certainly have no intention of ignoring all Owen Shroyer's good work against Covid-19 tyranny, the trouble might be finding it now.

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