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        The contents of vaccines.
(or things used in their  manufacture.)

                           Things used / or present in vaccines

                              (or used in their manufacture.)

Many breaking religious / conscientious beliefs

1) Hydrolyzed porcine gelatin (pig gelatine) and other animals
2) Madin Darby Canine Kidney (cell protein & cell DNA) dog
3) Serum from human blood (remember Arthur Ash?)

4) HEK-293 (replicated human fetus cells) Catholics and other antiabortionists, this was used in the manufacture of the UK Oxford vaccine

The Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine uses a cell line called HEK-293 cells. HEK-293 is the name given to a specific line of cells used in various scientific applications. The original cells were taken from the kidney of a legally aborted foetus in 1973. 

        MRC-5 (source - origin caucasian male fetus)

5) foetal bovine serum - Hindu. As far as I am aware Hindus see cows as sacred, but not bulls, and I am not sure if the bovine serum was ever from cows just now. (more research needed)

6) Monkey kidney cell culture / Rhesus fetal lung tissue culture

7) Mouse brain culture

8) Insect cell line / Moth cells

9) Mercury (eg thimerosal)

10) Germicide

Squalene - which occurs in shark liver oil and human sebum

chicken embryo
Chicken kidney cells
bovine casein & extract.
calf serum
red algae
Modified Mueller–Miller medium, Mueller–Hinton agar, Watson–Scherp medium
various Human diploid tissue culture (from other people)
Soy peptone broth
Dulbecco's Modified Eagle Medium
Mueller–Miller casamino acid medium (without beef heart infusion)
Fenton media with bovine casein, Lathan medium derived from bovine casein, Linggoud–Fenton medium derived from bovine extract, Stainer–Scholte liquid medium, synthetic or semisynthetic.
recombinant human serum albumin
organomercury compound
polysorbate 20 (in household detergents)
antifungal agents
Phenol (can cause chemical burns)

soil fertilizer
various sugars, sorbitol
Polysorbate 80

to name but a few.


wiki - List of vaccine ingredients .




1) Vaccines have killed people. Crippled people, made them very ill.

2) Vaccines contain things against peoples religion to consume, like dog, pig, cow, monkey, insect extractions.

3) Vaccines have racist facets like caucasian fetus

4) Vaccines offend anti abortionists eg caucasian fetus substances

5) Vaccines often offend Vegans with dog, pig, cow, monkey, insect extractions.

6) Vaccines should be voluntary.

7) They have lied about contents in the past - eg Thimerosal is a mercuric derivative of thiosalicylic acid used as a preservative in vaccines, stating afterwards if its added before bottling they don't have to list it as a content.

8) Vaccines have been proven to have viruses in them, eg Salk's, Sabin's and Koprowski's.

9) Vaccines have been linked with nano technology tracking intentions.

10) Vaccines have been linked with intentions to alter human DNA.

11) Vaccines often contain things thought to poison people like mercury.

12) In order to be called "a vaccine" and not classed as "a therapeutic" the contents have to fulfil the criterion of "an antigenic substance prepared from the causative agent of a disease or a synthetic substitute, used to provide immunity against one or several diseases" and of course show us how it protects from a morphing pathogen.

important note: Vaccine companies will often claim all trace or presence of things like HEK-293, bovine, canine and pig have been filtered out, without realising people's consciences run much deeper, and do not want these things used at all. As to whether they are really filtered out completely that is another trust issue that would need investigation.  

would you like to add some more reasons?

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