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Dr. Hilary Jones

Dr. Hilary Jones.

Dr. Hilary Jones likes to give the impression he is irrefutably right about every aspect of the Covid-19 bug and agenda we have all been put through. He claims to have encyclopedic knowledge of Covid-19 and the surrounding issues, but the bug is new and the issues are new, and sometimes the encyclopedia can only be written when the smoke clears in order to memorise and regurgitate the "facts" accurately.

The tactics of Dr, Hilary Jones:

1) Don't educate TV guests you disagree with, just get angry and say: "You should not be on TV." This is called indoctrination.

2) Bring up evidence vaccines work for other diseases like mumps, chickenpox and rabies, then when the TV guest agrees with that, pretend like the person never simply agreed, to divert the topic away from answering the actual issues under scrutiny. 


"in too deep" to ever admit he is wrong

this same "in too deep" principle applies to the Government to do a u-turn and admit the draconian overreaction to Covid-19 was a catastrophe.

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