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Dr. Andrew Kaufman,
Dr. Andrew Kaufman

Dr. Andrew Kaufman

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every word on this page is very much subject to change and editing, as representing Dr Kaufman's views can be difficult.


When gathering together in protests to oppose the tyranny imposed to "protect" the public from Covid-19, there were many types of people with many different views, but they all wanted freedom, all the freedoms they had enjoyed before. The general spirit among them may have best been encapsulated by the idea: "We will get nowhere if we turn on one another." that I saw one protester write on FaceBook.

So it did not seem to matter to the crowds whether the people with them denied or believed in germ theory, they were all in it together to protect freedom. It goes further..... some of them seemed capable of denying germ theory even though they were almost sure it was true, if it helped them regain their freedom. I am not saying this is the motive for Dr, Kaufman denying germ theory, but I have sometimes suspected it of David Icke saying Covid-19 does not even exist. 

First of all I want to make it plain I do not deny the existence of viruses, or that they cause disease,

Make no mistake, Dr. Andrew Kaufman is very highly qualified, and partly because of his links with the charismatic and famous David Icke has influenced very many people. Their two bottom lines "Icke - Covid-19 does not exist" and "Dr. Kaufman - viruses do not cause disease" have alienated them both from the wider scientific community, and I feel they have done very great damage to the more middle of the road common sense stance against the over reaction to Covid-19 that has devastated the world economy, killed myriads of people, many via starvation in the Third World, and undermined the very roots of democracy. Icke and Kaufman have also done much to encourage the rejection of all vaccines, by their outerlimits teachings, when the core center common sense approach to challenge some of the Covid-19 vaccines is that some vaccines work for certain diseases like chickenpox, but not necessarily for a constantly morphing pathogen like Covid-19.

I have not delved into the explicit beliefs of Dr. Kaufman too much as I think it would turn out fruitless. I find people often modulate what they have said to fit new circumstances, so trying to claim to be able to write a truncated synopsis of their teachings is difficult.

Germ Theory Denialism.

Germ Theory Denialism if I understand it correctly takes two main forms. Firstly a general denial that any germ causes disease, however, secondly, some might argue they accept things that are easily proven to exist like bacteria and protozoa and even amoebas cause disease, but that it is not proven a virus does, and even that viruses do not exist. Dr. Kaufman for instance said that an electron microscope image produced of the Covid-19 pathogen was in fact one of an exosome.

link to "Germ Theory Denialism" in wiki.

"They cannot isolate and purify the virus"

As Dr, Kaufman denies the existence of viruses, he must obviously argue that conventional science cannot "isolate and purify" the Covid-19 Pathogen. I have only heard of one Paper from China claiming to have fulfilled "River's Postulates" for Covid-19. (produce evidence here.....note)

However before Covid-19 have been many viruses. In this link it is claimed for instance River's Postulates were fulfilled for the SARS virus, which would also mean the isolation and purification.




In some of his videos I think I sometimes saw Dr, Andrew Kaufman cynically laughing to himself about how anyone could possibly buy his bottom line, that pathogens do not cause infectious diseases, in the same way as I think I saw the former English Health Secretary Matt Hancock laughing to himself about how the public worldwide were accepting the over reaction to Covid-19 that was making the fat cats of big pharma so much money. 

It is my opinion that just as Kary Mullis stated that no retrovirus is proven to have ever harmed anyone, Kaufman (knowing this) decided to take it one step further and say "No virus is proven to have ever harmed anyone either, or causes illness.". In my opinion, this one exaggeration undermines all his good work in other areas at exposing errors in the official Covid-19 death and infection rates, that are being used to starve to death millions of women and children in the Third World. When scientist eventually bust his theory in public and he has no answers it will be an embarrassment to all of us trying to expose the illogic and evils of lockdowns, and the false nature of Covid-19 stats. It is sad. Kaufman is good at presentation, good at the process of teaching, has the guts to contradict the official line, has done a lot of good exposing falsity, but has this one giant fault waiting to collapse underneath him.

I have read that Kaufman does not only deny a virus causes and infectious disease, but that there are no infectious diseases at all, not even bacterial. If so he is open to even bigger defeats. I have not been able to resolve if he goes that far yet. Where do semantics come into this? If you eat a lot of bacteria in bad food you get food poisoning. Right? So is he saying if only a little of that bacterium goes into your body only the already sick will get food poisoning? Is he denying that waterborne pathogens, and even amoebas, cause disease? Or does he say food poisoning and cryptosporidium poisoning are an illness but not an infectious disease?   


The very fact that our immune system goes into overdrive to fight viruses is a good indication it has detected they do harm. Our body does not go into overdrive to destroy the commensal bacteria in our bodies. No doubt Dr Kaufman will say the human body simply wants to turf out invaders of any kind, good, bad or indifferent. It does not sound very harmless that a virus invades cells and hijacks them for replication.

More and more Kaufman's way of presenting his case tends toward "No virus is proven to cause disease" as if he intends jumping ship and saying "I believe viruses do cause disease we just cannot prove it like with bacteria as a virus is too small to get to grips with to physically analyse it". If so that reminds me of how the TV News was saying at first the first stats 1-3 million stats showed infections and deaths FROM Covid-19, then started instead presenting it as deaths WITH Covid-19.  The changing of the word "from" to "with" was a supermassive u-turn many members of the public never noticed, and was maybe the biggest proof ever the stats were all bogus. However I doubt Kaufman will do that. I think he will keep on saying a virus never causes a disease. He needs to get saved by Jesus and make a restart, dump his errors and keep his excellent analysis of the faults of the Covid-19 statistics. That way he will do much more good.


"What PCR does is to select a genetic sequence and then amplify it enormously.  It can accomplish the equivalent of finding a needle in a haystack. It can amplify that needle into a haystack. Like an electronically amplified antenna PCR greatly amplifies the signal, but it also greatly amplifies the noise. Since the amplification is exponential, the slightest error in measurement. the slightest contamination, can result in errors of many orders of magnitude." 

The number of cycles of amplification reaches a recommended maximum at 45, as otherwise you amplify the "noise". The present PCR Test pushes the amplification to its absolute recommended limit, so this especially means it is not a very accurate test. 

that DNR orders forced on the elderly were not here last year, kind of massively explains some of the deaths, but the elderly have had their arms put up their backs by the UK Government to sign forms that they are considered DNR (Do not resuscitate) in the event of respiratory illness (almost always reclassified as Covid-19). 


The claim is twofold that KAUFMAN IS WRONG: (not saying here where I personally think he is right and wrong, just linking to the criticisms of him fr your research)

1) There is a virus as its entire Genome is mapped. The Link Flora Teoh gives is... and so they say its proof it exists.

2) Kevin W. McCairn Ph.D. Claims River's Postulates were fulfilled in the Zhu Paper from China. My angle on that is the Paper from China cannot be treated as science unless repeated in the West.



Flora Teoh is being used by Facebook as the scientific refutation of the Manufactured Pandemic article ( ), people are threatened on Facebook if they try to post the link.


Initial identification of SARS-CoV-2:


COVID PCR tests have been tested against other known viruses:


What are exosomes?:


Purified and visualized SARS-CoV-2 viral particles:


SARS-CoV-2 does not contain ACE2:


James Hildreth’s paper about exosomes and HIV does not claim that viruses and exosomes are the same thing:


SARS-CoV-2 satisfies Koch’s postulates for being the causative agent of COVID:


Koch’s postulates graphic:


Images of exosomes:

source: YouTube video: Dr. Andrew Kaufman has the worst COVID theory yet .

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