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Klaus Schwab.

“The COVID-19 outbreak is the first big step towards unprecedented control over mankind.” 

Famous allegedly fabricated saying of Klaus Schwab.

but... did he really believe that? What is your gut reaction? Considering the vomit he believes in? Considering the entire argument was upon the premise Covid-19 (or the over reaction agenda to it) had done so much damage to the World Economy "The Great Reset" was now supposedly necessary, not just going back to where we were before.

Klaus Schwab - opportunistic user of Covid-19 to kickstart another tyranny.

Klaus  Schwab . born 1938 - Ravensburg, Nazi Germany.

He used the predicted end of The Covid-19 Overreaction Era to mark the beginning of his so called 4th Industrial Revolution, and his warped crack-pot plan of "You will eat insects, have nothing. and be happy" (and that's an order). This was laying the foundations of a win/win strategy of tyranny for the New World Order, either the Covid-19 Medical Dictatorship would not be beaten, or, if it was (and it was!) it would mark the start of his lunatic fringe plan to inflict a new horrifying dystopia across the entire world.

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