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Andrew Bridgen MP

YouTube video: "Chinese Police Force Family Into Coronavirus Quarantine"

                                                   Andrew Bridgen MP

Topics - Were vaccines in any sense a crime against humanity?


             Was it appropriate to use the holocaust as a timeline reference?


             Is there scientific evidence vaccines have caused people harm?

            Or infringed their human rights in other ways?


            Was it right to use vaccines not as yet properly tested or proven?


            Do all scientist agree it is even appropriate to use vaccines for a continually morphing virus like Covid-19, when the objective of "herd immunity" can also then become suspect?          

You can probably already see why Andrew Bridgen is facing such hard times at the moment. It is all very complicated. Topics are inextricably interwoven. He is a brave and conscientious man to enter such a lions den in order to defend the public.

Andrew Bridgen MP is dealing with the most stratosferic areas of opposing vaccines and the overreaction agenda to Covid-19. His opposition to vaccines requires more science knowledge than I have, and more in depth research energy. I need to see the research he is offering in a more concise form than entire science papers before I can comment on his research. This may be a problem for Andrew Bridgen MP, as he has already shown critics of him on TV and YouTube have not even read the scientific proof he has produced either. Andrew Bridgen is a qualified scientist in his own right and should be taken seriously. What is more he has been removed from the Conservative Party because he quoted someone else saying: 

"As one consultant cardiologist said to me, 'This is the biggest crime against humanity since the Holocaust.'" 

I believe removing him was a terrible injustice.

The developing agenda around vaccines became more and more of a tyranny. People were being threatened with fines so large in some countries it would bankrupt them, or even make families with children homeless. Some countries had laws in place where a person might be sent to prison for not taking a vaccine. Many people were dismissed from their jobs. People were incarcerated into quarantine. Apparently people were also forcibly vaccinated against their will. So what did the cardiologist mean by "crime against humanity"? And what did Andrew Bridgen mean to achieve by quoting it? Dark sinister powers that be behind the scenes linked to Bill Gates, WHO and big pharma were in my opinion determined that Andrew Bridgen MP must be punished. You must remember if we are going to look into the topic of "Where vaccines and things surrounding vaccinations a crime against humanity?" what has happened in China must be taken into account too. People were kidnapped with extreme force.

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