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Dr. Joseph Michael Mercola .
Dr. Joseph Mercola

Dr. Joseph Michael Mercola.

One of the very top, best and most valiant defenders in the world of our freedom to make choices concerning our own bodies, and the right to decide to use purely natural cures, natural immunity, and common sense daily selections of diet and exercise to fight Covid-19. Persecuted, falsely labelled and lied about frequently by the puppets of the media, his work has been outstanding and superb against medical totalitarianism.

YouTube video:

Local doctor removing health articles after claims of misinformation .


Dr, Joseph Michael Mercola .

Even YouTube videos attacking Dr. Mercola say things like "after claims of misinformation" not actually saying it is misinformation.

It is difficult for me to post here a series of Dr. Mercola's videos where he has tried his best to defend humanity from the Covid-19 Tyranny Era tactics unleashed on us all, as he felt forced to take them all away, as he was being intimidated by the puppets of the media into doing so.

However it is possible to view his videos for a subscription fee via Facebook.

FaceBook: Dr. Joseph Mercola



I think his YouTube channel might have been removed

because as the saying goes "You can't handle the truth!"


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