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Debbie Hicks .

Debbie Hicks.


Debbie Hicks is exceptionally interesting to follow on Facebook (link provided). She was arrested after filming inside a UK hospital in the Covid-19 Hysteria Era, and showing it to be clearly not busy. It is unfortunate I cannot presently obtain her "inside the hospital videos" to post here, only video of her arrest. This is significant because of proofs that deaths from Covid-19 were being falsely attributed, even with financial motivations to do so. An increase in death rates could be expected because of the decline in the effectiveness in antibiotics and the ascending population growth rate.


"Debbie Hicks, 47, filmed at the Gloucestershire Royal Hospital in Gloucester twice in December 2020. Streamed on social media, Ms Hicks said they showed the hospital was quiet."

Youtube video blurb:

18,210 views Dec 31, 2020

Debbie Hicks wandered around Gloucester Royal Hospital on Monday saying it was 'shut down' and 'dead' and was arrested by two officers who visited her home in Stroud 24 hours later. In the eight-minute film, viewed by 158,000 people on Facebook, she says: 'It's a disgrace. I've seen less than 20 people. It's completely dead in an empty hospital with wards shut down and the lights off. Where are all the people dying and where is the mutant virus? I can't see the evidence and neither can the public watching. We've been robbed of Christmas for this'. Gloucester Royal Hospital has hit back and insisted the wards are 'extremely busy' and accused her of 'intrusion' and upsetting patients filmed waiting in A&E. The activist was arrested at her home on Tuesday on suspicion of a public order offence where her husband filmed two officers try to handcuff her in her dressing gown. Sharing the video after being bailed yesterday - and being banned from all NHS property unless she becomes ill - she said: 'Wake up world- how utterly Orwellian and Nazi to go through this for sharing a video of an empty hospital'.

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