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Dr. Rashid Buttar.
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‘I think you’re crazy’: CNN reporter confronts doctor spreading Covid-19 lies 


Dr. Rashid Buttar.


Was he murdered?.

Wa he murdered is now the question. The way he died was very strange. Nothing would surprise me it was all so mega unusual, 

World War 2 Comparisons.

It will take me quite a while to research if this video is lying about Dr, Rashid Buttar. For instance I believe many things that happened during the Covid-19 Tyranny Era can be compared to things that happened during Hitler's rule (like "papers please"), and can be compared to the Beast System in Revelation 13 (like vaccine passports) but to use the phrase "compares Covid and the vaccine to WW2" is a total misrepresentation. Even thus Buttar may have made comparisons with the tyranny that went on over vaccines with WW2 and he was being deliberately misrepresented, as saying it the way he actually meant it may have sounded too real and too right?

5G .

 Firstly as far as I am aware 5G is 5G up to 60G. In my opinion 5G might be dangerous for controlling drones to police a population in a totalitarian way. But does everything the so called "The Disinformation Dozen"  ever said go for nothing? I thought for instance it was very important that Dr. Buttar said that Thimerosal and other chemicals / additions can added to a vaccine without it appearing on the label, if it was added after the vaccine was completed. I find that unacceptable if true. 



With 3G 4G etc there was not a cellular transmitter right next to the window of your home, but often with 5G there is. What about human rights if you think 5G might in some way be harmful? 

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