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Bill Gates.
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Bill Gates.

In the film 2001 a Space Odyssey the differences between human capabilities and those of computers are explored. Kubrick (an avid chess player himself) correctly predicts computers will be better than mankind at chess, but examines subtly human intuition. "I get a bad feeling about him" says  Gary Lockwood to Keir Dullea in reference to the supercomputer Hal 9000. Human intuition, and lateral thinking, will probably always be entirely human attributes, some add "a sixth sense". Those thongs, plus spirituality, and the possession of an invisible soul and spirit, will always put us above machines. Women are supposed to be especially intuitive. A lot of people get "a bad feeling" about Bill Gates, some hear all the information about him, and come to the conclusion he might want to be the architect of Armageddon, I am among those who get that "bad feeling about him". To be into eugenics you would have to be a bit of a lizard, and even his body language is like that of a gecko, flailing about his open hands like a gecko on a glass vivarium wall. 

The book burning style "fact checking" on anything not the official WHO line amid the coronavirus outbreak, is made worse by the fact that Bill Gates is not medically qualified, but is the biggest busy body into world health issues on the planet. Who was responsible for the total catastrophe of the knock-on effects and straightforward effects of lockdowns? Bill Gates made it plain that he believed the reaction of the West to Covid-19 should be the same as that of China - that is to turn your country into a prison camp even worse than what happened. And yet somehow Bill Gates is being allowed to buy his way into WHO to a bigger extent than many nations combined together, like a big bribe, so he can be the puppet master behind medical tyranny.

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"Net Zero" is another one of Bill Gates' trouble making projects. If the world was in unity on this it would make 100% common sense to go for net zero. What has happened is China (for one example) has ignored the idea, and has grown rich burning coal, not caring of consequences, until now they are so rich they are a war threat. While the Ukraine war is on, and the West is low on gas and oil supplies, it makes no sense to further weaken our economy by starting draconian tyranny regulations on CO2 emissions. Until the war with Putin is over the priority must be to remain strong, and if that means burning coal for a while, fine, sad, but it has to be. Notice how everything Bill Gates promotes weakens the western economy, opening it to military attack?

The first confirmed case of Zika virus infection in the Americas was reported in North East Brazil in May 2015



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