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Alex Jones

Naive people cannot believe anyone could possibly be plotting to take over the world. Alex Jones thinks differently, and puts forward credible theories about how it might happen. At first some of the content of this page may seem to shallow minded goody two shoes people that it has nothing to do with the Covid-19  perceived pandemic. but..... let's see of that is true.... and if even God predicts something similar in the bible.

Alex Jones - .

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The very title of the website that Alex Jones owns and runs shows that he understands the situation out there. There is an information war going on right now inside wikipedia, for instance, where anyone believing lockdowns had catastrophic consequences is a conspiracy theorist. Big Pharma has the money to bribe its way into Wikipedia, or manipulate its way in, and has "owned" it. The only bottomliner I saw on a par with Alex Jones's "Info Wars" statement is Russell Brand's "Stay Free!". Both are potent two word combos showing deep insight, like the pithy one liner that busts Calvinism apart "Foreknowledge is not causation!" It takes a clever person to filter down an encyclopedia of knowledge into core center gems like these. 

Alex Jones almost totally shipwrecked his entire ministry over the "Sandy Hook hoax trial", where he seemed to be the first man I ever saw prosecuted by the prosecution and the defence at the same time. As a Christian I believe in forgiveness, and wish to concentrate instead here
on this website on his excellent work in recent years opposing the overreaction agenda to Covid-19. But before I do I wish to quote the scripture: "Dare any of you, having a matter against another, go to law before the unjust, and not before the saints?" 1 Corinthians 6:1 and I wish to say if any of the Sandy Hook victims of Alex Jones suspicions and hurtful comments is a Christian, I do not personally think they should have sued him, hurtful as his actions were. And I think Christians should have an attitude of forgiveness toward him, as even Saint Peter made several big mistakes, including denying Jesus, cursing and swearing, and needing correction from Saint Paul in aspects of the new covenant.

Alex Jones versus the draconian overreaction
 agenda to Covid-19 .


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