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About Me .

About me.

My name is Kenneth McDonald, a former RGN student nurse and NHS whistleblower. I also make websites about Christianity. I am a non conformist Evangelical born again Christian, with an emphasis on defending the Greek Text of the KJV bible, Christian marriage for life, and pacifism. My ministries are Evangelism and teaching.

For the purposes of this website I think the only part of my life relevant here is my time in nursing, and also my Christian faith, that sometimes affects my views about vaccines, such as the use of HEK-293 in their manufacture,


Around 1990 I was accepted as an RGN student nurse in Liverpool, training in both Walton Hospital and Fazakerley Hospital. I was well qualified for the job with Grade A in several sciences, and other subjects, including Grade A  A' Level Human Biology. Before I started to see and report seriously unprofessional incidents on wards, I received only one official summative assessment of my nursing while training and achieved a Grade A.

I went into nursing because I had attended a missionary church and planned perhaps to go out as a nursing missionary. I am strictly against any form of killing, whether in wars, euthanasia, abortion and of course crime.

I want to make it plain from the beginning I have never been against vaccination for several childhood illnesses, and I accept germ theory. 

While studying in the nursing school we were given at least one article about deliberate acts of killing to study. One was about the deliberate suffocation to death of a cyclopia baby (called "Killing for Kindness") . I thought the article might even have been used to test our potential to make a stand for patients over staff. I had once read a book, I think the title was "Very Special People" in which the life of a teenage girl was described who was born as a cyclopia baby, who grew up, but apparently died of a broken heart as a teenager. 

After I said I believed suffocating the baby was an act of murder, strange incidents happened. A person from almost every place I had mentioned on my CV, in order to enter nursing, began to appear momentarily in the classroom, as if I was being investigated for honesty in my application. This included a nurse from a nursing home I had worked in, from a missionary church, and a teacher from a college I attended. Coincidences? I felt for various other reasons not mentioned here I was being bullied.

Walton Hospital Liverpool.

When I worked as a student RGN in Walton Hospital I saw two controversial incidents. Firstly a doctor injected an elderly male patient with diamorphine who died immediately he was injected. I am not sure if I should release more details on the grounds of confidentiality, but the circumstances were suspicious enough for me to later report this incident to Merseyside Police as a possible case of deliberate euthanasia. 

Secondly an elderly patient had gone to hospital for an operation to extend her life, as she was still spritely and wanted to live. When she was found with no vital signs (presumably cardiac arrest) the male RGN asked the senior female nurse "Is she for resus'? She's down for it?" and she replied "No no no! The last time this happened the resus team told us it was a waste of time."

This sounded like a repeat of something against the rules. If someone is for resuscitation the rule is start one. Even a single precordial thump can be enough to start a patient's heart. This question should not have been even asked, nor that reply given. I later reported this to Merseyside police as well.

The way it was dealt with by the Police was to put a very old policeman on the job and retire him quickly, with replies that were shallow. I also reported the "Killing for Kindness" article to them, but I got further than they did investigating it. Back in those days Merseyside Police never seemed interested in deaths with such medical issues involved, or so it seemed to me.

Fazakerley Hospital Liverpool.

After I complained about these incidents in Walton Hospital Liverpool,  I was moved from Walton to Fazakerley hospital Liverpool. But the controversy never stopped. Here there was a patient who irked certain of the nurses because he had frequent occurrences of diarrhoea, was bedbound, and therefore difficult to nurse. I can tell you for sure this man was a fighter, and was not finished with his life, and wanted to be kept alive, and was content to watch TV and be visited by his family. The patient trusted me and said he feared certain nurses had no intention of keeping him alive, because of quality of life issues. He asked me to look into this, as he was for resuscitation but doubted he would receive it. When I brought this up with a female qualified RGN on the ward she said to me: "I'm not resuscitating him! I will just walk off and come back 15 minutes later when I know he is dead!" This really shocked me. When I reported this incident - guess what? I was suspended from duty!

On Channel 4 TV News .

I then ended up on Channel 4 News. This was because just after this a Paper appeared in the BMJ Dec 1991 called "The Aarons Beeching" Paper. In this was very strong evidence the nurses in Fazakerley Hospital Liverpool were saying they would not resuscitate patients who were marked for it in the notes. Aarons and Beeching reminded or mentioned this could result in manslaughter charges. The Channel 4 News Reporter arrived at my home to interview me with a preconceived notion I could not prove myself credible. He knew that I had not named the nurse in Fazakerley that said that to me, as it was my word against hers..... however I then told him why I was moved from one hospital to another, and I had written evidence this time to back me up. His face fell, and he never said a word about my proof. I still have a tape of the Channel 4 News broadcast to this day. Channel 4 did a cover-up of all the potential manslaughter issues, where nurses said they would disobey the orders. Very soon after the Aarons/Beeching Paper was published in the BMJ Dec 1991 the "Liverpool Pathways" way of dealing with terminal illness was introduced.


I researched these issues when I was suspended from duty as a student RGN and I eventually found out one of these secrets hidden from the public had a name "The Slow Code" it was called in the UK. It means the resuscitation was performed so slowly or ineffectively it would fail so the objective of death was achieved by the usurping resus team. Then I found out that like me (and Dr. Aarons and Dr. Beeching) a USA doctor called Dr. Gail Gazelle had uncovered the same practice with another secret name "The Hollywood Code" so called because the resuscitation was all an act! Also it was called "Light Blue" another expression denoting half hearted efforts as "Resuscitation is (Code Blue)". Can you all see these covert names hidden from the public for secret practices show Medical Conspiracy Theories are sometimes true!!


David Alton who was my local MP at the time helped me and said the case file was the biggest he ever had. Catholics like Mr Alton also do not believe in covert euthanasia or non resuscitation.


Covid-19 Victims separated from families .

All this is very very very very significant to modern times. In the recent Covid-19 Pandemic families were completely forbidden to see their relatives, and the patients were cut off from family protection. The patients were in the hands of both medics and nurses where in their professions sham resuscitations were performed, and covert euthanasia. Not only that but the entire draconian overreaction agenda to Covid-19, that devastated lives and the world economy, was all supposedly to help keep alive already elderly and sick people, and help them live a few years longer (perhaps) even though the knock-on effects of the never tried before lockdowns and social distancing strategy was causing myriads of deaths elsewhere in younger people. However..... Matt Hancock then in a complete contradiction of this had patients in care homes persuaded to designate themselves NFR (Not For Resuscitation) if they tested positive for Covid-19 (via a test Kary Mullis said would not be accurate - because he invented the underpinning PCR Test to RT PCR). Guys..... get real!!! Conspiracies DO occur in the health service! And no one should be isolated from their families in a hospital!


Dr. Gail Gazelle, the author of the article "The Slow Code — Should Anyone Rush to Its Defense?" which was published in the 1998  New England Journal of Medicine.

Resuscitation without mouth to mouth.

The slow code was not the only thing I discovered as a student RGN. I also discovered something else that totally shocked me. The Walton Hospital resuscitation instructions told nurses and doctors to perform resuscitation without ventilation! Let me be more specific.... when a nurse found a patient in cardiac arrest, and she was alone, she was not instructed to hit an alarm buzzer, just to keep doing chest compressions until help arrived eventually.


It is basically largely a waste of time to pump deoxygenated blood around a patient's body! Sure it might stimulate the heart into action, but that is no excuse.


This is where I must go and fish out the old paperwork, but I think I can prove it was not only Walton Hospital that missed out ventilation (mouth to mouth) in resuscitation attempts, or Fazakerley, it was a countrywide mistake.

After I complained to my local MP David Alton, he  sent letters to relevant people, but the inane resuscitation policy was renewed in England (unlike Europe) and could have cost literally thousands of lives. This is when a conspiracy theory about medical negligence again became fact. Do not despise conspiracy theories therefore, they are just a necessary phase to prove conspiracy fact. I do not think that if I cannot dog out the proof of this medical negligence by doctors in the UK it will be a disaster, because I doubt 30 years later enough people will care to bring out something long swept under the carpet.

My name is Kenneth McDonald, a former RGN student

(Registered General Nurse)

from England. Great Britain.

The main reason I am making this site now is the looming "UK Covid-19 Enquiry". It is my belief the results of this enquiry may be used to establish a new agenda to once again bring about a medical tyranny across the whole world. We must resist such a thing. 

I appeared on national TV news as a whistleblower in the 1990's about the subject of the covert non-resuscitation of NHS patients. Years later I now feel that it is necessary to try to oppose the lies of Big Pharma, Bill Gates and the World Health Organisation, and the new spectre of medical tyranny threatening our daily lives. This site will reveal the shattering knock on effects of lockdowns, the greed of big pharma fat cats, and the damage done by both conformists and extremists alike surrounding the

Covid-19 crisis.

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