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Tedros the Totalitarian .
tedros adhanom ghebreyesus

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus .

The medically unqualified leader of the World Health Organisation .

YouTube video: 

WHO's Tedros on the "Global Digital Health Certificate"


Medical Totaitarianism .

Make no mistake about it, this attempt to initiate a "Global Digital Health Certificate" is one of the most sinister things ever to happen in human history, and is entering the world through Tedros the Totalitarian, the puppet of Bill Gates. Bill Gates, is manipulating WHO. It allows them to treat us as cattle, and then to say which are the healthy cattle, for instance by confirming you have the 15 required vaccinations for that year (or whatever). The final step after that descending process into dystopia can be to threaten to cull the unhealthy cattle. The bible predicts the antichrist will kill everyone not receiving his trading mark.  Having manipulated Europe into the Covid Pass in order to buy and sell in places like public houses and theatres, with covert threats to turn any country into a trading leper colony if they did not jump through hoops for WHO, WHO and Bill Gates now claim it was all our politicians idea, and "thanks very much, we will adopt your idea and force it onto the entire planet" but this time with WHO and Bill Gates being the men in charge. It is a formula for Global Tyranny.


Photo: EU Digital COVID Certificate .

The QR Code adds up to 666.

I would like to point out to you all, that the "EU Digital COVID Certificate" has the QR CODE written on it, that has 3 boxes, a box has 6 sides = 666, and it was only by having a similar pass that people were being allowed to go to pubs and restaurants to "buy and sell" or to "trade". This sounds eerily like the 666 mark in Revelation chapter 13, that God totally forbids you to take in Revelation 14, at peril of otherwise loosing your soul.

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