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Dr. Andrew Wakefield
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YouTube video:

Controversy Over Vaccine Research .


Dr. Andrew Wakefield:

Was struck off for saying there was evidence that vaccines cause autism. I am glad there is a chat facility here. Can anyone explain this to me:


"A study of autism rates before thimerosal and after it was removed from most vaccines found that autism rates went up after the preservative was removed. Why do people still worry about thimerosal?""


What I want someone to explain to me is this, If autism numbers go up if thimerosal is removed from vaccines, does that not show evidence that vaccinations that are not properly preserved cause autism? As no one is ever vaccinated against autism.

The UK NHS says quote "It's not clear what causes autism. Nobody knows what causes autism, or if it has a cause." So you cannot really reply to me "What causes autism is one or more of the diseases that are not properly prevented because of a lack of preservatives in vaccines." But I thought we just heard no one knows what causes autism, or if it has a cause? However..... one clue we do seem to have is that if preservatives like Thimerosal are removed from vaccines, some toddlers get autism. If you ask me that would mean Dr. Wakefield was very likely actually right. 

But Big Pharma try to stop any points being scored on them. They will argue (doubtless) that the study proves properly preserved vaccines help stop autism (even though science says it may not have a cause) and badly preserved vaccines amount to no vaccines at all, thus the higher rate of autism. 


Is this simply a case of bad journalism, by cherry picking countries without looking at the wider picture? 

mRNA Covid-19 Vaccines could cause an autoimmune response.

The only person I have seen mentioning this, what I thought was an obvious fact, is Dr. Andrew Wakefield.

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