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The problem: That the official agenda to deal with Covid-19 became a draconian overreaction, but the middle ground view was blocked from the media (thus a reasonable solution was blocked) because the protests and proofs that Medical Tyranny had been enforced were shared by shallow extremists as well, who added unreasonable extras onto the protests, such as "Covid-19 does not even exist".

This destruction of freedom of speech, freedom to protest etc actually resulted in the death of democracy by the enforcement of medical tyranny across almost the entire world.

In the documentary series: "The Power of Nightmares" Adam Curtis explained that politicians have discovered that protecting the public from nightmares (even if the nightmares were simply exaggerations) gained them more political power than offering the masses an improved lifestyle. Having tasted this totalitarian power in the Covid-19 Hysteria Era we have just been through, it is likely the "UK Covid-19 Enquiry" and other such enquiries in other countries, will be manipulated by external forces to justify the overreaction plan, so next time the medical tyranny could be even worse.

In short - the official agenda to deal with covid was too much like tyranny, and the middleground common sense solution was (and still is) being opportunistically blocked because extremists have polluted the logic of the solutions to the problems.

To exemplify this - I think you already know that if I worked hard to make a two hour video, comprehensively proving the knock-on effects of lockdowns were a total catastrophe, it would simply be deleted from YouTube once uploaded. Democracy has started to die. When what is in effect book burning occurs to try to enforce tyranny, we must resist as much as we reasonably can. You are being indoctrinated by a media controlled like puppets not allowing the common sense middle ground proofs to be presented. The thing is who are the puppet masters who are killing free speech?

One staggeringly important question stands out to me, the more I research the big picture.... Are the media not so much bad teachers, but are deliberately being made not to answer the core issues that would stop a lot of the scepticism about Covid-19, such as "How is the virus first isolated, then purified, then mapped?" because dark and sinister powers actually like the "common sense middle ground solutions" to be polluted by ignorant fringe groups. to justify the implementation of censorship and thus the preservation of overreaction plans making the Big Pharma fatcats trillions? 

What became plan to deal with Covid-19:

1) Lockdowns .

2) Social Distancing .

3) Physical distancing.

4) Masks. Enforced wearing of (ineffective) masks, that actually increased fluid in the lungs.

5) Book burning (in effect). Erasing YouTube videos (and accounts), erasing Facebook posts (and accounts) proving obvious things like why lockdowns had catastrophic knock-on effects. This was justified by the fact that there are indeed denialists that have it all wrong, thus everyone must be punished not following the official line, when the official line itself was draconian and tyranny.

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