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Herd Immunity

Herd Immunity.

Can any of you tell me when humanity or perhaps the people in your specific country developed "herd immunity" against the common cold, or influenza? Then why even use the term about Covid-19, a disease in the same category as the other two?

The definition of Herd Immunity:

1) Natural.

Herd immunity is something that happens when a large number of people in a community develop immunity—or the body's own protection—against a contagious disease. This immunity can be developed naturally when the body makes antibodies after a viral infection that can help fight the infection better the next time.

2) Via vaccination,

(that only ever works as it stimulates / triggers the body's own natural immune system)

However as we just proved, humanity has never had herd immunity to the common cold, or the flu, as they are morphing bugs. The Big Pharma money spinning idea in the hysteria of the Covid-19 Pandemic was to induce herd immunity artificially via unproven experimental vaccines, not tested sufficiently, but then to repeat this as the virus morphed into various new strains. It would be slavery.


WHO now call these morphing strains by letters of the Greek alphabet, denoting symptom types, and sub groups of "clades". But do you remember how new strains also acquired names in the media? From the start the Covid-19 initial strain had the name "Chinese Virus" (Donald Trump) and  "The Wuhan Virus" which sparked allegations of racism, not matter how much evidence appeared in originated in China.

The idea then emerged that Big Pharma through the media were propagating the idea "herd immunity" would need to be achieved for each new emerging variant, making mankind captive to never ending attempts to acquire a new "herd immunity". So do we right now have "herd immunity" to the common cold, common influenza, or Covid-19?


This virus is unlike other coronaviruses because there is currently no herd immunity to it, he said. According to Prof. Sir Andrew Pollard, Director of the Oxford Vaccine Group, herd immunity to Covid-19 by vaccination is not possible because it still infects vaccinated individuals.



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