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Personal Dilemmas .

Personal Dilemmas .

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It is not necessary at all that you read the personal ramblings on this page. The page is perhaps entirely superfluous. Please feel free to move on to the more core centre topics on other pages if you are a person who only wants to read the big issues. I guess you could say this page is about glitches in the way of truth and ultimately saving lives. This page is about my own failings and inconsistencies and those of other people, and how issues of conscience are always strewn with pitfalls.

In the minority .

Diplomacy .

One of my strengths has never been diplomacy. When I was trying to get things done 30 years ago against euthanasia and covert non resuscitation of NHS patients, I had an ally because my local MP was the Roman Catholic David Alton MP (as he was then). He seemed like he was really trying at first to achieve things, as Catholics are anti euthanasia. But there was a big religious divide between me and David Alton MP, as I was and am Protestant. I believe in salvation by grace through Faith alone, and he adds his own works and acts of priestcraft to salvation, and ultimately the Pope. We were polar opposites in one way, and in complete agreement in other ways. I agree we should do works, but they are a fruit of salvation, not a root of it.


At one point I made a very sarcastic comment about the new German Pope. There was no need for it either, it was immature of me. David Alton MP looked at me in a livid way, and that resentment never left him afterwards if you ask me. I never apologised either, I just kept naively thinking he would now keep honestly trying to help a Protestant about medical malpractices, who also thinks Popes are imposters, and might say so in the media. The thing is, the subjects and real life situations were so serious, many of you will think that David Alton would be more professional than to make sure there was a short fall from then on in his efforts. What is your reaction to that position of scruples? I think it might be an example of what "setting diplomacy to fail" means. Even mentioning it all now seems like a public relations gaff by me.

Andrew Bridgen conflict? as he is in politics

Virus deniers conflict - trapped

Health .

I am now quite old. I am 65 and next year I will be a pensioner. I have had a lot of health problems. I have problems concentrating. I might begin a page here and not finish it for weeks. Frankly I began this website to try to do my part to oppose a new tyranny that might soon happen, similar to the horror we all just went through with Covid-19 but almost certainly far worse.... but as I started to make the website I also started to find out about a lot of people who simply had to be mentioned if this website was to be comprehensive. I am wondering if I have taken on too much.... but I will try to finish the site. I may deal with each topic or person in a concise way, then move on to deeper things added in layers later on. What I wanted to achieve is to list the interesting array of people worth hearing or studying, and try to clarify the big picture of the conflict between the conformists and the refuseniks. I hope you think I achieved that goal when the site is finished. But ultimately I think we have been through a time of medical tyranny and I want to do my part to stop it happening again.

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