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Prof. Michaéla C Schippers

Prof. Michaéla C Schippers

see her article here on this website:

This page will explore the views of Prof. Prof. Michaéla C Schippers about such measures as lockdowns, enforced mask wearing, social distancing and physical distancing,  fining people enormous amounts of money for not being vaccinated, forced quarantine, new style mRNA vaccines for Covid and old style technology ones where the virus is weakened etc. (if the information is obtainable) 

she is the author of the meticulously put together social science paper:

"For the Greater Good? The Devastating Ripple Effects of the Covid-19 Crisis" by Michaéla C. Schippers* Department of Technology and Operations Management, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Rotterdam, Netherlands.


Brief Bio .

Michaéla Schippers is Endowed Professor of Behaviour and Performance Management at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands. She received her Ph.D from the Psychology Department at the Free University in Amsterdam.

Current research concentrates on team reflexivity, team diversity and team leadership, as well as goal-setting, academic performance (study success) and the use of team charters to improve student team performance. Other current projects concern knowledge sharing within teams and networks, virtual teams, new ways of working, behavioral operations management, and social exclusion/inclusion.

Her work has been published in journals such as Annual Review of Psychology, Administrative Science Quarterly, Journal of Management, Journal of Management Studies, Academy of Management Learning & Education, Frontiers in Psychology, Journal of Organizational Behavior, European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology, and Human Relations.

Dr. Schippers is co-founder of the Reflexivity Network and scientific director of the Erasmus Center of Study and Career Success

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