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Stopping Vaccine Hesitancy .

This site is trying to stop vaccine hesitancy for childhood diseases, and other known and proven vaccines such as adult booster shots for preventing tetanus. I do not know however how many diseases at a time is optimum in safety to vaccinate children for. Neither do I state on this site that if you take a vaccine in reputation for effectiveness that it will be 100% safe for everyone taking it. As side effects can happen with vaccines some parents take the view that they are to blame if a vaccine is given and it is in the small percentage of shots that cause a reaction in their child's individual pathology, thus they abstain, and would rather take a risk with their child getting diseases. But the percentage risk is higher for not vaccinating for children not getting the shots, and there is the issue of contagion to consider.

However this site aims to prove that though vaccination is good for preventing certain illnesses, coronaviruses like Covid-19, the flue and the common cold are not among them. If it takes 8 years to produce a "safe" flu vaccine, by the time it is distributed it will have morphed perhaps 8 times anyway, but these vaccines will all "succeed" by taking the credit for the human immune systems own response.



against the Covid-19 bug, which is known to morph rapidly, in an effort to gain so called "Herd Immunity" wa done by Big Pharma for profit motives, as vaccination for a continually morphing psthogen is illogical, and will not produce herd immunity.

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